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Garden Improver Concentrate
Garden Improver Concentrate
Improve your crop or garden quality and yield while eliminating harmful insects and protecting beneficial insects like bees, lady bugs and walking sticks.

No need to have separate insecticides, fertilizers, hydrators, and soil conditioners. Garden Improver does it all with a single application. In addition, Garden Improver automatically balances pH to specific plant needs.

Highly Concentrated - mix 100 to 1 with water and spray crops twice monthly. A single gallon container makes 101 gallons of ready-to-spray product. That's less than $0.35 per gallon.

Will not harm bodies of water or aquatic wildlife. Safe to pour down any drain or septic system. Safe for pets, adults, children, and all plants.

Available in 16 ounce bottle, 32 ounce bottle, and 1 gallon container.

Only $6.25 for 16 ounce bottle. Mixes 100 to 1.
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